Wednesday, January 5, 2011

27 in 2011

There seem to be a lot of bloggers out there that are working on their 30 before 30 (and here or 32) or other such lists of goals, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  My version is 27 in 2011.  I turn 27 this year, so 27 seemed like a good number of goals, but my birthday is in June, and 6 months doesn't give me a lot of time to accomplish everything, so I am giving myself till the end of the year.  I am even such a dork that I have already created an excel file to track my progress!  (if you are lucky I might even show you what it looks like!)

So here goes . . .

  1. top secret
  2. take banjo lessons (or start again)
  3. rock climb at least once a month
  4. run with Char at least once a week
  5. try at least 2 new recipes a week
  6. floss daily
  7. get pictures organized (finish printing 2009, wedding photos, create photo books, etc.)
  8. read 6 books
  9. lose XX lbs. (and keep 'em off!) - I don't think anyone needs to know this number!
  10. clean out my closet & back closet
  11. learn to crochet and make cowl
  12. learn to make pasta
  13. learn to knit and make stirrup socks
  14. paint some furniture (the china cabinet, and redo the red table)
  15. re-learn to use my SLR camera
  16. develop a better understanding of my finances & create a budget
  17. pay off 2 debts
  18. learn to do my eye makeup
  19. try at least two new sewing projects a month
  20. go someplace with snow
  21. organize my fabric and sewing supplies
  22. update my wine file and keep it up to date
  23. get a massage
  24. get my files in order and keep them organized
  25. take vitamins daily
  26. get Rhubarb Baby off the ground (I'll talk more about this later)
  27. get a new blog up and going and post at least once a week - DONE! (at least partially)

*Funny that 16 and 17 totally go against the name of this blog.  Ha!


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