Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Love Oregon

I grew up in Portland Oregon, born and raised.  Then when I was 18 I up and moved to Missouri for college.  Then the last 5 years I have been living and working in Southern California.  So, I haven't lived in Oregon for almost 10 years!  Which is crazy.  I still feel like an Oregonian.  I still consider myself to be from Oregon, although I also feel like a Midwesterner and Missourian, but definitely not Californian.  In fact I would love to move out of Cali and back to the good old Northwest.

For whatever reason I love all things Oregon.  I consider buying things from Portland as buying local (*remember . . . I live in California).  I think I might be nuts. Anyway, these are not from Oregon, but they do have a great shape.  I can't decide if I would love them if I still lived in Oregon and had never moved, but either way I would like to own one.  Or two if I get a Missouri one too (not only cuz I lived there, but my hubby is from there too).
Oregon Plyboo Cutting Board
Missouri Plyboo Cutting Board

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