Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion inspiration

I have been falling in love with a few outfits lately, and have gotten some shopping inspiration.  Here are a few favs at the moment:
Kendi Everyday
What would a nerd wear
Kendi Everyday
Urban Weeds
What I Wore
The Joy of Living

So what is it that I want to buy?
1. Buffalo plaid button-down shirt (3 pics of it . . . want it a LOT)
2. Mustard yellow sweater
3. Striped shirt
4. Brown knee high boots
5. Trouser Jeans
6. Chunky scarf and hat (although I think I can make this)

And look at all the different ways I can restyle these same pieces!  Not that I am big into restyling thing, but maybe this is a good excuse for the hubby!

I have even fell in love with some fashions for the boy!  I FINALLY convinced him to get a Newsie hat (by giving it to him for his birthday!) . . . and he actually loves it.  Now I really want to get him a vest (and maybe that hat too).
100 Layer Cake

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